Opening Weekend Has Some Changes

With the opening weekend set for Friday, March 25th-Sunday March 27th, a series of events has the entire league decending on Kelowna and Elks Stadium.  With Kamloops getting a freak snow storm on Thursday and the field not being ready, Thompson Rivers University and Prairie Baseball Academy will shift there series to Kelowna.

In other news, University of Victoria program has folded up due to a variety of reasons on field and off.  With Vancouver Island matched up with UVIC, Vancouver Island Baseball Institute will come to Kelowna as well.

The CCBC will shrink by one team in 2011 and a new schedule has been drafted.  With an unbalanced group there will be some three team action a single sites to fill 28 conference games.

“It is unfortunate that things have turned out the way they have with UVIC folding,”  says Head Coach Geoff White, “however it goes to show the strength of our 5 teams and league to be able to draft a new schedule and work with each other to maintain our league schedule.  It will be a tough schedule in 2011 for all teams, and shows the resiliency and strength of our Canadian College Baseball Conference.”


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