2019 Coyotes Player Spotlight – Davis Todosichuk

Name: Davis Todosichuk

School Year: Senior

Program: Heavy Equipment Operating

Hometown: Kelowna, BC

Positions: Center Field

Baseball Accomplishments: BCPBL Champions 2012, CCBC First Team All Conference 2016, CCBC First Team All Conference 2018, CCBC Second Team All Conference 2017, CCBC Champions 2018, 3 Season Completed with the Kelowna Falcons (2 trips to playoffs)

Favourite artist/band: The Eagles, Justin Moore, and Anything Country

Favourite Meal: Steak and Seafood with a side of mashed Potatoes

Favourite Superhero: Trevor Brigden

Secret Talent no one knows about? Still the best 31 card player on this planet. (Better than Dozer)

Dream Job: Being a big league center fielder. Or a Lottery Winner. Either or…

Who did/do you idolize growing up? My Dad, Derek Jeter

Pastime/Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Seadooing, Weight Lifting, Touching Wedges Ears (He Doesn’t Like It).


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