Updated Record Book

The record book has been updated and there are some new faces entering the ranks of the Coyotes best.   Recently drafted pitch Trevor Brigden set new standards for wins and strikeouts, along with fellow pitcher Wyatt Hummel who set the new standard for E.R.A with a 0.87.

Davis Todosichuk continued to add his name to the lengthy list of records he holds.  He now sits with the top 4 spots in stolen bases and covers a variety of other top 10 spots.  Jake Fischer, Brendan Luther and Todosichuk land at 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively on the top batting average list.  The record of .414 still remains the gold standard set by Bryce Wilkie in 2009 when he went 29-70.  Fischer also lands in 2nd place on the RBI list when he blasted in 32 runs in 2019,  2018 graduate Jared Frew sits on top with 35.

Davis Todosichuk

Brendan Luther

There were also several teams records set in 2019.  The 21-7 record is the best regular season record in Coyotes history, which followed up 2018’s record breaking 20 win season.  The 2019 group also set new records in hits (275), Average (.283), E.R.A (3.21) and stolen bases with 96 in 120 chances.

Check out the stats page for full list.


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